How to have a Notion plan for free(Notion vs Evernote)

Before the Notion, Evernote is the most populate knowledge management app, now it’s time to replace your Evernote with Notion. As an all-in-one workspace tool, Notion […]

How to login to Baidu Cloud Storage

1 Baidu login visit: ‘账户密码登录’, switch to username/password login page. 2 Login Use username(an email address) and password in the email, click ‘登录’ to login […]

How to login to 163 Mail

Visit Click the top-left corner to switch to the username/password login page. 5 Email login Use username (no ‘’) and password in the email, click ‘登录’ […]

How to change the password of the Baidu Cloud account

1 Login, move the mouse to position A, click B on the pop-up menu 2 click A which means ‘Login Password’ 3 type in the password […]

The easiest way to make a baidu account outside china

For downloading files on Baidu could storage(Baidu pan), you must have a Baidu account. If you consider to register it outside China, first of all, you […]