How to login to Baidu Pan(Baidu Cloud Storage) 2021 Upgraded

By 2021, Baidu upgraded the security mechanism of the Baidu pan product, so the user from overseas China can’t login anymore. Here is the new way […]

How to change Baidu Pan (cloud) security email

1. log in your Baidu Pan(Cloud). 2. Go to: click “更换邮箱” (change email) 3. Enter your own email address and click”发送验证码”(sent code) Important: So far, […]

How to have a Notion plan for free(Notion vs Evernote)

Before the Notion, Evernote is the most populate knowledge management app, now it’s time to replace your Evernote with Notion. As an all-in-one workspace tool, Notion […]

How to login to Baidu Cloud Storage

1 Baidu login visit: ‘账户密码登录’, switch to username/password login page. 2 Login Use username(an email address) and password in the email, click ‘登录’ to login […]

How to login to 163 / 126 Mail

Updated: From 2021/3/1, all the ways to login do not work again, now, here is the only way to login: 1 Download 163 mail / 126 […]

How to change the password of the Baidu Cloud account

1 Login, move the mouse to position A, click B on the pop-up menu 2 click A which means ‘Login Password’ 3 type in the password […]

The simplest way to get a Baidu account outside of China

Because of the large user base, a huge amount of files are shared on the Baidu Pan(Cloud storage service) on the internet. But you must have […]