How to change Baidu Pan (cloud) security email

1. log in your Baidu Pan(Cloud).

2. Go to:

click “更换邮箱” (change email)

3. Enter your own email address and click”发送验证码”(sent code)


So far, Baidu only accepts the mailbox in China as a security email, you can have a try with your email, but as we know, email not from China only works.

4. At the same time you receive the “ 百度帐号–邮箱安全验证” email from baidu <[email protected]> , copy the code from the email.

5. Paste the code into the blank and click “确定”(confirm)

6. Now you changed your Baidu Pan (cloud) email succeed.

7. Refresh the page, It’s your new Baidu Pan(cloud) security email.


  1. Pavel says:

    Hello. The button “change email” is inactive for me. When i click it nothing happens. I tried different browsers and the problem still exists

    • dersu says:

      Hi, we sent you an email. We need the screenshot to analyze and fix the problem.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hello, I have tried with a email and a message appears saying they only accept or emails.

    • dersu says:

      Yes, Baidu just changed its policy days before, Hotmail not accepted anymore, but you can still use aol/live/yahoo

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