How to change the password of the Baidu Cloud account

1 Login, move the mouse to position A, click B on the pop-up menu

2 click A which means ‘Login Password’

3 type in the password in A, then click B

4 click A which means “send verification code” then click B

5 Go to your security mailbox, click inbox. If you get Baidu Cloud (Baidu pan) account from us, that is https//

Follow this post to access your security mailbox
How to login to 163 Mail

6 Find the new mail

7 Get the verification code

8 Go back to the Baidu Cloud website, type in the code then click ‘确定’

9 You’ll see the success message, everything is done

10 IMPORTANT: After you changed the password, next time you will be asked to login with the new password. With higher probability, you’ll see this, that means “please verify your phone number”, it doesn’t matter, just click A to skip it then login. Next time if this happens again, just skip it.

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