How to login to 163 / 126 Mail


From 2021/3/1, all the ways to login do not work again, now, here is the only way to login:

1 Download 163 mail / 126 mail client software from the official website

2 Install the software
3 Login on the software

input your 163/126 mail address and password here, then click “登录”(means login)

4 Now you can check your inbox on the software.




Use username (no ‘’) and password in the email, click ‘登录’ to login

3.Click ‘点此进行验证’

According to your network connection and location, maybe you have to finish a Chinese captcha, don’t worry, it’s easy.

4. Click the 3 Chinese characters respectively on the picture to pass the captcha then click ‘登录’ to login

5.You’ll see a warning message, just click ‘继续登录’ to pass it.

6 Check ‘Inbox’

7 At step 5, if you are asked for a phone number, that means your location triggered the security mechanism of the 163 email

you have to login like this:

7.1 Visit

7.2 click the red button on the top, which means ‘login’

7.3 login just like what you do in, but it should never ask you for the SMS code or Phone number verification

7.4 after login, click the mailbox icon on the top

you’re in your 163 mailbox now.

After using the 163 mailbox from the same location for a long time, you should be able to login from again, of course, the best choice always is: change the security email to your own’s.


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