How to login to Baidu Cloud Storage

1 Baidu login

Click ‘账户密码登录’, switch to username/password login page.

2 Login

Use username(an email address) and password in the email, click ‘登录’ to login

3 Security verification

If this is your first-time login Baidu Storage, you’ll trigger a security verification, otherwise, go to the last step.
Press ‘发送验证码’ which means ‘send me verification code’

4 Email verification

If You get Baidu pan account from us, we’ve set up the verification email address for you, just open a new tab in your web browser then visit:

Follow this post to access your security mailbox
How to login to 163 Mail

5 Get the verification code

After login to the mailbox, click the new email including keyword ‘Baidu’

Get verification code

Back to Baidu Cloud Storage login page, input code, then click ‘确定’

8 Done

Now you have a 2T Baidu storage account, next time you log in, no more email verification needed unless your location or computer changed.


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