How to login to Baidu Pan(Baidu Cloud Storage) 2021 Upgraded

By 2021, Baidu upgraded the security mechanism of the Baidu pan product, so the user from overseas China can’t login anymore.

Here is the new way to login into your account again. Before you start, you must have those ready:
1 Mobile phone(Android will be better)
2 Baidu pan account username
3 Security email username and password.

1 login on your mobile phone. You’ll keep login on this device, so please choose a phone you will use it for a long time.
2 use mobile phone Baidu disk app to login on web or PC client software(Baidu Netdisk)

1 Download and install the mobile Baidu pan APP

You can download the APK to install or scan the QR to install

2 Open the app, tap ‘Baidu account’ login

3 Tap ‘other account login’

4 Tap ‘more’

5 Tap ‘help’

6 Tap ‘reset the password’

7 Input your Baidu account user name(should be a 163 email address if you get the account from us)

8 Go through the up-side-down CAPTCHA.

9 Confirm your security email then tap ‘去验证’ (verification)

10 Visit your security email and get the verification code.

if you get the account from us, here is the tutorial of login 163 / 126 email

How to login 163 / 126 mailbox

11 After inputting the code from email, you can set your new Baidu account password

The password should include letter and number.

12 After you set the password, top the ‘OK’, now, you’ have logged in successfully.

Please DO NOT LOG OUT again, keep login on your mobile phone. DO NOT login again with the password you just set !!

12 The first page you will see is an initial settings page, you should keep everything unchecked then tap the bottom button. That means “I don’t’ want to upload any private files to Baidu automatically”.

13 Use the scan button on the mobile APP to login the web or PC client software

The web login page is

You can download the pc client software from the URL mentioned in step 1

PC client software



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