The simplest way to get a Baidu account outside of China

Because of the large user base, a huge amount of files are shared on the Baidu Pan(Cloud storage service) on the internet. But you must have a Baidu account first for downloading files on Baidu Pan.

If you try to go sign up for a Baidu Pan account outside of China, first of all, you have to get a mainland China phone number. But, obviously, you have no.

After doing some digging, now you know there is a hidden entry to manage it, which seems to accept oversea mobile phone numbers.

But, in most cases, after tapping the “Receive SMS Code” button, there is an error message “Registering from out of China is denied.”

After googling again, you find you can use a Baidu mobile application to register an account.
But, if you’re using Android, you will find the Baidu Pan APP is not available in some areas in Google Play; if you’re using iOS, you’ll need a Chinese iCloud account to install it.

Let’s say, you are lucky man, finally registered a Baidu account successfully, when you login, open Baidu cloud storage page, your account only has 5G storage space.

Google again: you can pay for more space, also you can get up to 2T space freely.

But, how?

Install the Baidu Cloud mobile phone APP, give it the permission to read/write your phone contact, now you have 1T.

To get another 1T, a China credit card needed, and you must authorize APP to charge you via this credit card in the further.

After at least 5 hours of work,  you just give up.
So frustrated.

Any simple way to manage it?
Sure, just buy a Baidu Pan account already registered.

All done, in 5 minutes.

You’ll get a username, password, security email of a Baidu Pan account already registered, 2T storage space. Just login and start to download.

If you just want to download some files from Baidu Pan only once, our download service is just for you.


  1. Phil Shields says:


    I live in UK and I know this issue with setting up a Baidu account, it can be tricky

    Are the Baidu accounts you are selling unique accounts which the costomer can bind his / her own telephone number to, change name / email address etc like a normal account

    Kind regards

    • dersu says:

      Sure, the account we’re selling is unique account, not sharing account, you could change security email to your own email.
      The account is not bond to any telephone at this time, only email, theoretically, you should be able to bind your telephone, but we never tried that ourselves.
      You could buy one account, then have a try, if failed to bind your telephone, just return it to us, we’ll issue a full refund immediately.

  2. Graess says:

    Hi! I am interested in purchasing Baidu Yun Pan 2TB but I am wondering what is the Offline Download Service. When I purchase is it possible for you to include the instructions on how to change the username, password? Is the phone number important after registration? I doubt it. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

    • dersu says:

      1 If you use the Baidu Pan Account to download files for only once, I would suggest you use Offline Download Service, which means: you give us the url of baidu files, we download it then send it to you, so that you can get your files without a baidu account.
      2 If you bought a Baidu Pan Account from us, we’ll send you a manual which will tell you how to login; username can’t be changed, password can. For the account we send to you, the phone number is not important, actually, you’ll never use it, but if your register an account by yourself, the phone number is important, every time you login or trigger security mechanism, you have to use this phone number to get security code.

      • Grisela says:

        Thanks for the explanation. I will be adding in files as necessary so i think the Offline Download Service will not be suitable. I thought it was like a backup of a backup if that makes any sense! LOL!!

        Can I specify a username or maybe that is too much to ask??

        • dersu says:

          Sorry, if you get the Baidu cloud account from us, you can’t specify the username, we’ll generate a username randomly for you. All you can do is change the password.

  3. Tempest says:

    Worked perfectly, thanks!

  4. Vu Tran says:

    Hey, I want to buy one. How to do it?

  5. ปั้มไลค์ says:

    Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really helpful.

  6. Jay says:

    Hello, I will be using Offline Download Service for a few big files. I understand that you will download on my behalf and send it to me?
    Will it be a problem if i do not have wechat ? How are you sending it to me ? Thank you

    • dersu says:

      Hi, you don’t need to have the wechat or any other IM software, we’ll send you a direct download link so that you can download all the files in your Browser or any Downloader software.

  7. Lynn says:

    Hi is there a limit to the amount of files you can download for us in the download service? I have over 1 gb to download and how long do we have to download the files?

  8. Ziggi says:

    Hi – how to get Baidu account from EU? I need one – can you help, pls?

  9. Wen says:

    Can you still download file from Baidu? I want to a file which is 1.65 Mb. What is the process? thanks!

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